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A - You will never be whole without it
B - Highly recommended
C - Flawed, but still pretty good
D - It's your money, not mine
F - Why couldn't this have been burned in Fahrenheit 451?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante (1995)

Apparently I've ingested a tincture of Lethe because I swear I've already reviewed this, even though I am certain I haven't, which is to say I may have, but probably shan't, and you should just keep drinking your tea, because I've got no more sugar. Regardless, for those in the know, rewind for me please back to 1995, when augurs lacked erotic taint -- at least publicly -- and Kyuss, bless them lads, were still playing. Enter Mike Patton and Co. and their deranged musical madness straight from the toilets of the Archdiocese of Montevideo. Nothing short of what I affectionately would call "organized chaos," Disco Volante is not for the easily amused, nor for those looking for anything pleasantly auricular. Like a Protean shape-shifter thrashing in unexpected bondage, Bungle alternates between jazz, techno, funk, death metal -- to name just a few -- seamlessly in a matter of seconds, multiple times within songs and continuously for the course of the album, all the while with Patton at the wheel mangling his vocals through his effects boxes. It is simply nothing like you've ever heard before or since.

I mean, come on, what would you pay to see your highly diseased host of this aborted musical intestine flailing around his living room in clownish fashion to the strains of "Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz?" I have made several performances throughout the years and -- unlike Metallica -- I've still got some oomph in these legs. Favorite tracks: the aforementioned "Skwoz," the Scooby snacks of "Carry Stress In The Jaw," the delicious "Desert Search For Techno Allah" and my favorite lyric of the album, from "Merry Go Bye Bye"-- "The deaths were faked, the laughs were cries / But resurrections are doing fine / You got me walking into suicide / And I'll be there right by your side / In reproduction at your merry go bye bye."

So have at it, bring a clean pair of underwear and remember, it's not how you shave the bunny, but how much gel you use. A-


Starrlight said...

Ah Mike Patton. Love me some Bungle. I gotta get Kidlet this albums. She'd love them.

The Mad Hatter said...

I have their demos, too. The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny. Bowl of Chiley. Goddanmit I Love America. OU818. Incredible stuff. I'm so sad they're done done. They made beautiful music.

The RIpple Effect said...

Excellent album! So strange, bizarre song stylings. I have a harder time listening to this one than I do the first album. But that's not to say it's not musically brilliant and adventurous. Disco Volante seems to be devoid of the rich melodies that were littered all over the debut disc, therefore, for me, less ear candy.

I may have to spend some time digging into the meat of this one. Thanks for bringing this one back to light!

Pope JTE

The Mad Hatter said...

The melodies on the first album are precisely why it is more akin to other albums and not at all like this one. Disco Volante is truly a unique piece of work, and that's why I go back to it much more oftener than te first record.